Introducing a Novel Third-Generation Genetic Sequencing Method Accessible to Everyone.

We are on the frontier of a new way to diagnose and treat disease. With the fundamental belief that health care must be private, personalized, and preventative, we are striving to create a system in which individuals can discover potential diseases years before they develop them. As a result, this allows our clients to take action to beat diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease years before it starts to affect their lives.

Preventative medicine is one of the most critical, yet most under looked parts of health care. With up to 40% of US morbidity and mortality being classified as preventable, the time to act is now.

Discovering what genetic predispositions individuals carry is the first step in disease prevention. Knowledge of a breast cancer predisposition will encourage a woman to seek out more frequent screening, while knowledge of an increased likelihood for CTE would encourage an athlete to invest in better protective gear and concussion prevention.

Portable Sequencer

Our sequencing technology was developed in the Gianneschi Lab at Northwestern University and is based on a patented novel design for a third-generation graphene-based genetic sequencer. This allows us to sequence more accurately, more cost-efficiently, and faster than anything else on the market.

Industry-Leading Analytics

Our analytics will interpret the electrical signals coming from our device and convert them into straightforward, actionable results. The information given will include which gene(s) were analyzed, what variations are present, and what those variations mean in regards to risk.

Privacy Guaranteed

Without the need to outsource your DNA to a third-party or sell it to subsidize more expensive sequencing technologies, you have control over who sees your genetics and how - protecting your access to insurance and the most personal data: your DNA.

Privacy is in our DNA.

Acorn is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Unlike other genetic testing companies, we do not share your private information and data with third-party buyers. Read more about our commitment to privacy.