Meet the Team

Ana Cornell, CEO

Ana Cornell is a Biomedical Engineering major and Entrepreneurship minor at Northwestern University. She came up with the idea for Acorn Genetics, and has been the driving force behind the company.

Jakub Wolsza, Director of Engineering

Jakub Wolsza studies Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University. He is the lead engineer and designer of Acorn Genetics’ products. He is also the reigning AG ping-pong champion.

Mark Ogarek, Director of Research and Development

Mark Ogarek is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. At Acorn Genetics, he specializes in applying biological science to the physical design, working closely with the engineering department. He is also pursuing a minor in Polish and Slavic studies, and is passionate about cuisine.

Ryan Brogan, Legal Counsel

Ryan Brogan studies Political Science and Economics at DePaul University. He handles all legal matters for Acorn Genetics, including our Privacy Policy, patent, and Terms of Agreement. Ryan enjoys playing guitar in his spare time.

Jacey Birkenmeyer, Operations Consultant

Jacey Birkenmeyer is a Physics and Spanish major at Grinnell College. She does a bit of everything at Acorn Genetics, from web design to managing social media. In her free time, Jacey enjoys playing guitar and writing songs.

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